We Were Liars PDF E. Lockhart Book

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We Were Liars PDF E. Lockhart Book: We Were Liars is a 2014 young-adult novel written by E.Lockhart. The novel has been met with high praise and has won an award called the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Young Adult Fiction. It was also included in the ALA Top Ten Best Fiction for Young Adults for 2015.

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Name of Book We Were Liars
Author E. Lockhart
Published 2014
Language English
Pages 248
PDF Size 3.1 MB

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We Were Liars PDF E. Lockhart Book Free Download

We Were Liars Book

We Were Liars Book PDF E. Lockhart

Our Were Liars focuses on the issue of consequences for the mistakes made by one self. The story is focused on the wealthy and perfect Sinclair family that spends their summers together on their private island. When something occurs to Cadence that summer in her 15th year when she is fifteen, the Four “Liars” (Cadence, Johnny, Gat, and Mirren) come back two years later and prompt Cadence to recall the incident.

We Were Liars Summary

The Sinclairs have their summers spent in the Caribbean island. Cadence along with the other elder siblings, Mirren, Johnny, together with Gat Patil (the cousin of Carrie’s lover Ed) are known to them in the family as “The Liars”. When Cadence is 15 years old, which she calls Summer Fifteen, Gat and Cadence are in love and begin a romantic relationship.

In the summer of Fifteen, Cadence suffers a serious head injury, recollecting only the time she hit her head while swimming. She loses a lot of memories of the summer and then begins suffering from migraines. She is also addicted to Percocet and is then forced to go back for the second year of school. If she tries reaching to her friends, she is not acknowledged.

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Download We Were Liars Book PDF By E. Lockhart

Instead of letting her go to the island during the summer, Cadence’s mom requires her to take an excursion through Europe together with her father who Cadence has a difficult relationship since he had an affair and then left the family.

Summer Seventeen. Cadence is permitted to return to the island and finds that a lot has changed. Her controlling grandfather suffers from dementia. The estate he left, Clairmont, has been replaced by New Clairmont, a cold design that lacks the charms of earlier Clairmont.

The Liars are a bit aloof when they are around Cadence and are unable to speak about what transpired in Summer Fifteen. They are against staying at New Clairmont and instead camp out at Cuddledown and the former property for Bess as well as her entire family.

Download We Were Liars Book PDF By E. Lockhart

Cadence starts to slowly recall memories of during the Summer Fifteen. She recalls how, after her grandmother, Tipper had passed away her aunts and mother began to argue over the inheritances they received.

Although each woman was granted access to trust funds and schooling none of them was capable of earning an income on their own and had to rely on their father’s control to secure their financial futures. Carrie has refused to marry Gat’s uncle, despite having lived with him for 9 years due to the fact that Harris opposes her marrying a man who is of Indian origin.

Cadence lastly remembers that in the summer of Fifteen she suggested that she along with the other Liars would burn down Clairmont to force the family to end their feud on the estate. She is thrilled by the thought that she managed to stay unit until she realizes that the Liars didn’t let her grandfather’s dogs go and killed the dogs. When she returns to Gat to comfort him Gat asks her whether she can recall any other details. Cadence is aware of the fact that Johnny, Mirren, and Gat all perished from the flames.

Download We Were Liars Book PDF By E. Lockhart

She visits Cuddledown with the Liars at Cuddledown and they inform Cadence that they died because of their actions. They tell her it is not their fault. They also reveal that they won’t be able to appear to her, sinking into the sea and disappearing.

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