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Total Productive Maintenance Book

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) started as a method of physical asset management focused on maintaining and improving manufacturing machinery, in order to reduce the operating cost to an organization. After the PM award was created and awarded to Nippon Denso in 1971, the JIPM (Japanese Institute of Plant Maintenance), expanded it to include 8 pillars of TPM that required involvement from all areas of manufacturing in the concepts of lean Manufacturing.

TPM is designed to disseminate the responsibility for maintenance and machine performance, improving employee engagement and teamwork within management, engineering, maintenance, and operations.

The eight pillars of TPM are mostly focused on proactive and preventive techniques for improving equipment reliability:

  1. Autonomous Maintenance – Operators who use all of their senses to help identify causes for losses
  2. Focused Improvement – Scientific approach to problem solving to eliminate losses from the factory
  3. Planned Maintenance – Professional maintenance activities performed by trained mechanics and engineers
  4. Quality management – Scientific and statistical approach to identifying defects and eliminating the cause of them
  5. Early/equipment management – Scientific introduction of equipment and design concepts that eliminate losses and make it easier to make defect free production efficienly.
  6. Education and Training – Support to continuous improvement of knowledge of all workers and management
  7. Administrative & office TPM – Using TPM tools to improve all the support aspects of a manufacturing plant including production scheduling, materials management and information flow, As well as increasing moral of individuals and offering awards to well deserving employees for increasing their morals.
  8. Safety Health Environmental condition’s

With the help of these 8 pillars, we can increase productivity. Manufacturing support.

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