Sngine v2.5.6 NULLED – Social Network Engine

Sngine v2.5.6 NULLED - Social Network Engine

Download Free Sngine v2.5.6 NULLED – Social Network Engine

Sngine is a new version of CMS for creating a social network. Easy installation, which takes one minute, is the Russian language, a convenient admin panel in which you can fully control the system, all necessary functions for a modern social network are included.


General characteristics

– Users can add others as friends.
– Sngine also supports the following follower system, such as Twitter / Facebook
– live news feed, chat, notifications and profile updates.
– Users can share any public message on the Sngine
– Smart Publisher Publisher auto-scrap Music, Video, Links)
– YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud – users can share links from this media
– Receive notifications (red notification with a counter) from other users when: Like, – – – – Share, Comment or @ mention you
– Sound notifications I’m on new notifications and messages.
– Users can change their privacy settings at any time.
– #hashtags in posts, comments and chats
– The user @mention can mention his friends.
– Photos upload images and display them as a gallery.
– Stay in touch with group members and share stories with them.
– The user can now create pages, such as Facebook.
– Smilies in messages, comments and chats.
– Users can block other users without letting them communicate with each other.
– A stunning profile with covers and avatars for user profiles / pages / groups
And much more

Admin Features

– Portable, so you can easily run it on any hosting
– Ajax system is
– built in pure PHP with an easy-to-understand code that a developer can customize it
– SEO friendly URL
– on and off the entire site
– on and off recording
– Enable / disable the activation email after registration
– on / turn off the SMTP email system
– Turn on and off reCAPTCHA
– Multilingual platform using gettext (support for Arabic and RTL design)
– Translation management: the administrator can add / edit / delete language translations
– Advanced caching for the entire system and browsing templates that guarantee fast loading of the entire site.
– Manage your members, edit your profile information and check any of them.
– Manage the pages that your members created, check any of them.
– The administrator can add / edit / delete different categories for pages.
– Edit or delete user-created groups
– Manage reports of your members An
administrator can make any user / page checked.
– The administrator can add / edit / delete static pages, for example, about privacy, conditions, etc.
– The ad system administrator can add / edit / delete ads for the entire system in different places.
– Admin can add / edit / delete topics
– Statistics on user registration, messages, comments, messages and comments, likes.
– The administrator can set the minimum / maximum number of results for each query.


Version 2.5.6 01-01-2019
[Updated] Documentation
[Updated] System Security
[Updated] System Optimization
[Updated] Sngine Libs [AWS | Embed | HybridAuth | PHPMailer | ReCaptcha | Smarty | Stripe | Twilio]
[Updated] Sngine JS Dependencies [mustache | | codemirror | metismenu | moment | readmore | tinymce]
[Updated] Sngine CSS Dependencies [Font-Awesome]
[Added] Delete Uploaded (Photos, Video, Audio, File) after deleting posts
[Added] Fake User Generator
[Added] Verification Attachments for Users
[Added] Verification Attachments
[ Pages ] [Administrator] ability to turn Two-Factor Authentication On / Off
[Added] Two-Factor Authentication via Email & Phone
[Added] Two-Factor Authentication via Google Authenticator App
[Added] Twitter Card Meta
[Added] Popular Posts
[Added] Last Added in
[Use] CDN for Bootstrap, & jQuery files FontAwesome
[Added] Added to Server Side Pager Users in Admin Panel
[Added] all AWS S3 Regions (10+ New Regions)
[Added] robots.txt file
[Added] Progress Bar for all uploadings
[Added] Keyboard Shortcuts to scroll between posts
[Added] GIFs support by Gifs in Publisher
[Added] Admin ability to turn on
Ad [ Off ] Auto Ad-block Detector
[Added] by Admin Tuesday,-interference ability to turn the Auto of Ad-block Detector in the On / Off
[Added] the Auto of Ad-block Warning the Message in admin panel the ads control
[Added] the Auto of Ad-block Warning the Message in user the ads manager Have
[Added] the New Stories the System
[Added ] the New Stories Publisher,
[Added] Videos in Stories
[Added] the New the Product Publisher,
[Added] the Product the Status the New or Old
[Added] the Product Price CAN the BE 0 or the Free the Product
[Added] Edit Have button the when the edit the post from mobile
[Added] Edit Have button when edit
[Added] New Album (Add Photos) Publisher
[Added] Turn on Comment
[Added] Share Affiliates link
[Added] Share
[Added] Admin
[Added] Points System
[Added] Points for Moving [[]]
[Add] Admin ability to turn the system on / off
[Added] Movies System
[Added] the Find of Friends by location The
[Added] Changelog to admin panel
[the Fixed] the Multiple stories for Same | user in Same | day
[the Fixed] Reposition cover photo The on mobile
[the Fixed] _emoji-menu tabs in chat
[the Fixed] the Post page Privacy in Publisher,
[ [Edit ] Fixed] Delete images for
users while there are several links [Fixed] Forum Thread Views Count
[Fixed] Getting notifications from deleted users
[Fixed] All Reported Bugs


– Sngine requires Apache Server, PHP 5.5+ and MySQL to run.
– Before installing Sngine, make sure that the extensions mysqli, mod_rewrite, cURL, intl are enabled on your server. Sngine v2.5.6 NULLED.

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