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Ramayan PDF in Hindi Free Download

After being banished from the kingdom of Ayodhya, Lord Ram, along with wife Sita and brother Laxman, starts living in a forest until the tyrannical king of Lanka, Ravan, abducts Sita. The Ramayana is one of the largest ancient epics in world literature. It consists of nearly 24,000 verses (mostly set in the Shloka/Anustubh meter), divided into five kandas: the ayodhyakāṇḍa, the araṇyakāṇḍa, the kiṣkindakāṇḍa, the sundarākāṇḍa, and the laṅkākāṇḍa, and about 500 sargas (chapters). The uttarākāṇḍa, the bālakāṇḍa, although frequently counted among the main ones, is not a part of the original epic. Though Balakanda is sometimes considered in the main epic, according to many Uttarakanda is certainly a later interpolation and thus is not attributed to the work of Maharshi Valmiki.

Shri Ramayan Ji Ki Aarti in Hindi

आरती श्री रामायण जी की ।

कीरति कलित ललित सिय पी की ॥

गावत ब्रहमादिक मुनि नारद ।

बाल्मीकि बिग्यान बिसारद ॥

शुक सनकादिक शेष अरु शारद ।

बरनि पवनसुत कीरति नीकी ॥

॥ आरती श्री रामायण जी की..॥

गावत बेद पुरान अष्टदस ।

छओं शास्त्र सब ग्रंथन को रस ॥

मुनि जन धन संतान को सरबस ।

सार अंश सम्मत सब ही की ॥

॥ आरती श्री रामायण जी की..॥

गावत संतत शंभु भवानी ।

अरु घटसंभव मुनि बिग्यानी ॥

ब्यास आदि कबिबर्ज बखानी ।

कागभुशुंडि गरुड़ के ही की ॥

॥ आरती श्री रामायण जी की..॥

कलिमल हरनि बिषय रस फीकी ।

सुभग सिंगार मुक्ति जुबती की ॥

दलनि रोग भव मूरि अमी की ।

तात मातु सब बिधि तुलसी की ॥

आरती श्री रामायण जी की ।

कीरति कलित ललित सिय पी की ॥

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