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Download The Psychology of Money Book PDF: The endless lessons on greed, wealth, and happiness when you’re successful with money don’t have to be about the things you’ve learned. It’s all about how you act. Behavior is difficult to impart, even to highly intelligent individuals.

Learning how to control money, make investments and make business-related decisions is usually thought to involve lots of math-based calculations in which formulas and data tell us exactly what we should do.

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Name of Book The Psychology of Money
Author Morgan Housel
Published 2020
Language English
Pages 268
PDF Size 3 MB
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About Psychology of Money By Morgan Housel

However, in the real world, the majority of people do not make financial decisions on spreadsheets. They create decisions at dinner or in a meeting room, where your personal history and your own unique perspective on the world, egos pride, marketing, and other odd rewards are mixed together. In the field of psychology and Money, the author relates 19 short stories that examine the enigmatic ways people view money. He also helps you understand one of the most crucial questions.

Making money well isn’t just about your knowledge. It’s about your behavior. It’s a difficult thing to teach, even for extremely intelligent people.

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Investment, personal finance as well as business decisions are usually presented as an academic subject that uses formulas and data to give us the precise instructions to do. However, in real life, the majority of people do not make financial decisions using the basis of a spreadsheet. They do it at the table at dinner or in a room where your personal story and your personal view on the universe, egos pride, marketing, and a variety of other incentives are put together.

The Psychology of Money the book The Psychology of Money, the award-winning author Morgan Housel shares 19 short stories about the bizarre ways that people view money. The book teaches you to understand one of the most crucial issues.

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