Bootstrap-4 Elements Pack

Bootstrap-4 Elements Pack

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Bootstrap-4 Elements Pack is an ultimate bootstrap-4 oriented element set that provides multiple elements that you can use on your website. The elements includes Testimonial, Pricing Table, Member, Tabs, Progress Bar, Accordion, Radio, Checkbox, Toggle, Slider Range, Input File, Form Wizard and Calendar. This a seamless pack that is firmly based upon Bootstrap Framework (latest), HTML5 , CSS3 and JS files that are validated and well commented.


Adding to this more, Bootstrap-4 Elements Pack extends 13 different elements that can be easily integrated according to your site or even framework that your desire. Not only that, it can be customizable according to user’s preferences. This is well responsive and easy to use.

Bootstrap-4 Elements Pack Features

  1. 100% Responsive Layout
  2. 13 Different elements
  3. Bootstrap4 Responsive Framework
  4. Browser Compatible
  5. Well commented code
  6. Easy to Customize
  7. Easy to use
  8. Quick support

Bootstrap-4 Elements Pack