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Bible in Hindi

 The Bible is considered the most sacred book of Christianity. It is divided into two parts: the New Testament and the New Testament.

Old Testament

Much more has been written about Jews in the Old Testament. This part of the Bible mentions many stories. Chief among these stories are the stories of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel.

New Testament or New Testament

The New Testament describes the life of the Lord Jesus Christ. It describes the personality, miracles, teachings, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Also in this section, the message has been given that man can improve his life by following the path shown by Jesus Christ.

Main Subject of Bible in Hindi

The main message and theme of this holy book of Christianity is the welfare of mankind. The Bible’s lesson on how humans can make their life better by walking on the path of spirituality. Jesus, who is considered the son of God, tried to remove the inequality among the people by choosing a place like the stables to be born. Even while dying, Jesus was taught to sacrifice in the way of truth. Many other characters in the Bible are also important such as Musa, Jehovah etc. The most important thing in the Bible is that it is also called the book of rules. The rules one must follow to live an ideal life are described in the Bible.

Laws of Bible in Hindi

It is believed that the Bible is not just a matter of reading but an object of learning its lessons in life. However, like other religious texts, there are some rules for reading this which are as follows:

  • While reading the Bible one should have full faith in God.
  • Certain lessons of the Bible must be read during the main festivals.

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