Banner 1.6 – Banner Management Plugin XenForo 2

Banner Management Plugin XenForo 2

Download Banner 1.6 – Banner Management Plugin XenForo 2

Banner – XenForo 2 plugin for managing banners. Displays random banners in the title, list of forums, browsing the forum and viewing topics. Addon Banner is designed for stand-alone banners, these banner images are loaded from your server.

Info: https://www.xf2addons.com/resources/banner.56/ 

How to use:

  1. In the admin control panel, go to the permissions of the user group and set the user groups for which you want to display banners. On the banner options page, set the number of displayed banners. On the “Visitor” tab, click the “Banner Admin” link. On the Banner Administration page, click the “Add” link.
    2. Fill out the information and save it.
    3. Create a folder on your server to store banner images.
    4. Upload banner images to your banner folder.

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